HITS Daily Double


Amazon Music for Artists has launched its New Release Pitch Tool, which gives artists and their teams the ability to submit new music and reach a wider audience.

The feature is available now in Amazon Music for Artists, a web and mobile app that afford artists real-time data, insights and tools to understand and grow their business. Music submitted via the Pitch Tool will be eligible for programming consideration in Amazon Music’s curated playlists and on its stations.

The process is simple: Select an eligible track in Amazon Music for Artists; add a brief description to the song; provide genre/mood/activity categorization and planned marketing promo for the track; and submit.

Details provided by artists will help determine how fans will discover their music in places like the Amazon Music activity feed, push notifications, Alexa alerts and prompts, genre-based browsing and more.

Learn more about Amazon Music for Artists' New Release Pitch Tool here.