HITS Daily Double


Grammy-sweeping superstar Billie Eilish is front and center on DSP homepages as Spotify and Apple Music host hubs of exclusive content intended to enhance listeners' appreciation and understanding of her new Darkroom/Interscope set, Happier Than Ever.

After rolling out the green carpet Thursday evening for a star-studded album-launch party, Spotify mounted its first on-platform artist hub on Friday with Happier Than Ever: The Destination. Users will have access to three enhanced-album listening options: Billie Mode, Fan Mode and Lyric Mode. Each features exclusive content like lyrics exegesis, visual introductions from Eilish and a special surprise from fans who listen to Billie Mode in its entirety.

Eilish's album is also front and center on Apple Music's homepage; a Happier Than Ever video playlist features exclusive clips and conversations with Eilish, presenting 11 videos with more than 30 minutes of content.

Earlier this week, Apple Music released video interviews with Eilish conducted by Zane Lowe; during one, she learns that Happier Than Ever has broken the platform's pre-add record.

The above is by no means the full extent of the digital-content bonanza touting Happier, but it's an indicator of the ever-expanding universe of audience-pleasing possibilities open to artists and their teams in the DSP realm. Material providing insight into the work creates the much-desired proximity to the artist that tantalizes existing fans—and helps create new ones.