HITS Daily Double


Discovery Mode, the latest marketing tool from Spotify for Artists, is receiving multiple thumbs up in its early testing stage. Believe artist Natalie Perez leveraged the Spotify for Artists suite of tools and resources to break beyond her native Argentina.

Believe used the Discovery Mode for 33 of Perez’s tracks for three months and saw 14 songs perform exceedingly well, growing her daily listening base in the U.S. and Mexico by 57%. Perez, who had released music for five years in Argentina, saw a 26% growth in new listeners across all markets.

“The democratizing power of Discovery Mode will enable a wider community of artists to benefit from boosting their music,” Believe CEO Denis Ladegaillerie said. “It’s helping artists cross borders, especially ones from territories that historically haven’t had equal access to the global music-industry stage. And, in these early tests, we’re already witnessing how Discovery Mode is helping talented Believe artists from all over the world find their next fans.”

TuneCore’s Sam Riggs and Christian rock artist Manafest, who has more than 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, have used Discovery Mode, as have DistroKid’s Ryan Oakes and Allie Crow Buckley.

Through Discovery Mode, Riggs said, "I reached new listeners on Spotify, gained a lot of new followers on social media and even saw increases in streams and mind-blowing ticket sales. 100% worth it.”

Andreea Gleeson, Co-Head and Chief Revenue Officer of TuneCore, said, “We’re seeing a paradigm shift where an artist’s success is no longer tied to radio or traditional mainstream media. Discovery Mode maximizes the reach of the music, based on the merit of the music—not because a gatekeeper said so. If the music’s good, Discovery Mode will help artists find new fans.”

The full Natalie Perez case study can be found here.