HITS Daily Double


Seriously buzzing new act SEB has inked a label deal with Mom+Pop. The L.A.-based artist/songwriter/producer’s “seaside demo” grabbed tastemakers by the ear a while back and has found its way onto an array of influential playlists at Spotify (where it’s amassed north of 20m streams), Apple Music and elsewhere, earning overwhelming “song of the summer" bona fides. M+P plans to drop his debut EP later this summer. SEB, who first made noise with his 2020 debut single, “Boys Don’t Cry,” has grown a devoted following on TikTok (329k followers, 5.3m likes, 1m+ creations for “seaside”).

M+P co-owner Thaddeus Rudd declared that he and his team are “tickled pink” to be working with SEB and are keen to launch a major campaign with “seaside,” especially now that people can actually go to the seaside. Speaking of which, Thaddeus is currently attempting to put on his swim fins.

Photo credit: Shy Louise