HITS Daily Double


We now present an item about accounting that is not related to preparing your taxes. It is, rather, about counting your money. See? Monday just got better.

Ingrooves Music Group is rolling out a suite of royalty accounting tools for labels of all sizes and varying needs.

These include two extensions of the Ingrooves Register financial portal: Register Splits, which facilitates the splitting of income, and Register Pro, a royalty accounting service for larger labels and complex artist deals. Meanwhile, Register Full-Service provides access to the Ingrooves team of accounting professionals, who will even let you try on their green visors. If you ask nicely.

Ingrooves supports payments to 100+ countries with an array of currencies and payment options, as well as U.S. tax support for businesses at all levels.

“Our labels have been asking for accounting tools to help them with a wide variety of needs; this suite of services is the kind of flexible solution that can help our clients, no matter the size or level of complexity of their business,” said Ingrooves boss Bob Roback. “Whether you’re a small, single-artist label or a more complex operation that deals in multiple markets around the world, these mechanisms combine to form a powerful, seamless solution that can be leveraged within the Ingrooves ecosystem to make more efficient, timely and accurate payments to royalty earners. We can even dumb this stuff down so you can explain it to those idiots at HITS.”