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Justin Bieber’s official live performance video of “Hold On” is live via Vevo.

Vevo and Bieber have had a tight relationship for more than a decade, says JP Evangelista, Vevo’s SVP, Content, Programming & Marketing. “Since ‘Baby’ was first released in 2010 we have worked closely with Justin on his numerous video releases, and watched him grow and develop into one of the world’s biggest artists—he has honed his craft and his maturity and evolved sound as a musician is evident as he taped these performances for us.”

Tracks from his new Def Jam album Justice have garnered more than 2b streams worldwide. The music video for “Peaches” recently racked up more than 5m views in less than 24 hours.

"I loved working with Vevo to create these Official Live Performances," Bieber says. "Vevo has been part of all of my video releases since the beginning, and I feel so blessed to have them championing me for over a decade.”

Bieber previously took fans via Vevo Footnotes behind the scenes at video shoots for “Holy,” “Lonely” and “Anyone.”