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Findings from a survey of more than 100 women working as presenters and producers in U.K. radio has suggested a culture of sexism and severe lack of equal opportunity in the industry.

The survey, conducted by nonprofit orgs Radio Silence and Women In CTRL, focused on the experience of women across the radio industry to identify barriers they face, from entry level positions through to executive roles. Headline stats include:

84% of those surveyed feel it’s harder for women to progress their career in radio than it is for men;

70% feel their appearance has an effect on their job opportunities;

61% have experienced sexist comments about their appearance at work;

59% feel child rearing has had or would have a negative impact on their career progression.

Anonymous quotes point to a culture of widespread sexism. “I was quite shocked how much sexism (and racism) still exists in the radio industry,” says one participant. “Over my career I have witnessed some appalling behavior toward myself and others from men in positions of power. Varying from bullying to unchallenged decision-making based on prejudices. More than one male manager has purposefully tried to stunt my career in the last 10 years.”

Another woman said: “For women, working in radio can feel like you've sneaked into an all-boys club. It doesn't matter what station I've been in, from commercial breakfast shows to underground MC sets, white middle class men are often the majority in the studio. I'm undermined a lot in a studio by male producers. I love radio but the lack of diverse representation is seriously affecting the quality of work that is being created and producers' personal creative confidence.”

As a result of the findings, Radio Silence and Women in CTRL are calling on the audio and broadcasting industry to sign a pledge committing to holistically protect women in the workplace. You can read the full report here.