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Apple Music
has launched Behind the Songs, a wide-ranging hub that turns the spotlight on songwriters, producers and contributing musicians.

Accessible via the Songbook and Behind the Boards playlists, Behind the Songs will enable songwriters and publishers to participate in regularly updated editorial features and promos as well as provide original content to sections like Lyrics to Live By and Song Stories.

Categories include:

  • Featured Radio Shows
  • Featured Playlists
  • Legendary Songwriters
  • Artists Who Write
  • Today’s Best Songwriters
  • Great Producers
  • Great Session Musicians
  • Lyrics to Live By
  • The Stories Behind the Songs

On the Apple Music radio show Deep Hidden Meaning, host Nile Rodgers interviews songwriters about their hits, creative processes and careers. Says Rodgers, Apple Music has, above all, continued to invest deeply in the songwriting community and its various components, and Behind the Songs is a new place we can call home. I’ve loved bringing the stories of today’s most inspiring songwriters to life on my Deep Hidden Meaning radio show, and Apple Music has spotlighted the best of what’s next with their resolute support of The Ivors Academy and the Rising Star Award.”

And on Apple Music Country, songwriters like Luke Laird, host of Country Replay Radio, Little Bit Country host Jesse Frasure and the newly launched Love Junkies Radio with Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey cover the latest action across the genre.

Find the landing page for Behind the Songs here.