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Chance the Rapper is suing his former manager Pat Corcoran, alleging that Corcoran demanded kickbacks in exchange for the opportunity to do business with the Chicago rapper.

Chance—Chancelor Bennett—filed suit last week in Cook County court, two months after Corcoran’s company sued the rapper’s businesses. In addition to asking that Corcoran’s suit be dropped, Chance is requesting more than $1m for each of three counts.

Chance, who starting working with Corcoran in 2013 and ended the deal in early 2020, contends that his former manager “sought to extort kickbacks from merchandise vendors by threatening that Mr. Bennett’s businesses would not hire the vendor unless the vendor gave Mr. Corcoran an equity interest in the vendor or made a payment to Mr. Corcoran or one of his businesses.”

Chance says Corcoran mishandled his merchandise business and vinyl releases and claims that when Live Nation discussed promoting a Chance the Rapper tour, Corcoran attempted to get the promoter to buy wine from his No Fine Print company to sell at concerts.

Read the lawsuit here.