HITS Daily Double


Tech lovers rejoice as the first all-digital CES 2021 is set for the new year.

Taking place from 1/11-1/14, the CTA-owned and produced event will feature an iHeartMedia conference moderated by Ryan Seacrest, discussing how technology has enabled artists to continue creating music and immersive experiences for fans during the pandemic.

The session will also include a chat with Grammy-nominee Dua Lipa, followed by a performance from Darkroom/Interscope phenom Billie Eilish—who swept the Grammys last year and is nominated again this year—on 1/12 at 7pm ET. The session is only available to registered CES attendees.

“iHeartMedia has been a driving force in using technology to create immersive music experiences for consumers. Our session with these artists will explore the art of the possible and the transformation that is happening in the entertainment industry,” shared Karen Chupka, EVP, CES, CTA. She previously enjoyed a continental breakfast she also described as "immersive."

“At a time when we're all searching for ways to feel connected with the music and artists we love while remaining safe, we’re proud to have pushed the limits of technology to innovate and create intimate experiences for music fans nationwide,” added Tom Poleman, iHeartMedia’s Chief Programming Officer.

CES 2021 registration for media is now open and encouraged to be completed by 1/8. Exclusive media-only access will be held on 1/11 with Media Day press conferences and the Verizon Keynote, while 1/12-1/13 will include exhibitor showcases and conference programming and 1/14 will see CES Partner Programming that's bound to be, um, immersive.

For more info and to register, click here. Is there a device being demonstrated at CES that will allow the entire event to be beamed directly into your frontal cortex? Probably. That would be so immersive.