HITS Daily Double


Taylor Swift issued a statement on 11/16 regarding the news that Scooter Braun and his investors have sold her Big Machine masters. She alleges that Braun has attempted to get her to sign an NDA, that the buyer is Shamrock Holdings and that she plans to re-record her music. Swift also noted that she and her team had hopes of negotiating with Braun to acquire her catalog, but that they were never considered as buyers.

Swift also claims Braun/Ithaca will continue to profit from her catalog for many years, even after the transaction is completed. The superstar asserts that she considered partnering with Shamrock, but that Braun's participation is a "non-starter" for her. The terms Braun offered, she claimed, would have enjoined her, in perpetuity, from any negative public statements about him.

Taylor also confirmed that she is currently re-recording at least some of her catalog. Her post includes her response to the partners at Shamrock Capital.