HITS Daily Double


The President has been known to use songs in his campaign without permission. He's also been known to be a whiny complainer whose fee-fees are always hurt because he doesn't get praised 24/7 for all the things he imagines he's done. So unfair!

Well, it's time for 45 to be properly acknowledged, no? That's why the folks at the Coda Campaign (including industry vet Fred Goldring) are rolling out a series of ads highlighting his most salient qualities. They're accompanied by great songs, the use of which has been fully approved by the creators. This one, "The Most Fabulous Whiner," features the Warren Zevon-penned Linda Ronstadt smash "Poor Poor Pitiful Me." It really couldn't be more apt, and it's all over the socials. There's no debate: It's gonna go viral.

The Coda peeps say they have a lot more where this came from. If we have to suffer through the nightmare of this election cycle, at least we'll have a fabulous soundtrack.