HITS Daily Double


You already know that Taylor Swift is on track for the biggest #1 chart bow of 2020 YTD with her new Republic set, folklore. Now it looks like she's blown past initial forecasts of 650k+ and is now expected to surpass 700k with ease in her opening frame.

It should be added that this is without benefit of traditional retail (which figured prominently in Lover's 885k debut last August), though Tay has a mighty set of D2C offerings. Her streams, on this intimate, adult-skewing project, have been particularly impressive; she owns the entire Spotify U.S. Top 10 at present, not to mention five of the global Top 10 and three of the Top 4 spots at Apple Music.

It appears to be just what quarantined listeners have been waiting for.

How big will this one get? Stay tuned