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SoundExchange has been designated as the authoritative source of International Standard Recording Code data in the United States by the RIAA.

RIAA made the designation to ensure a trusted authoritative source was being used to make accurate identification of sound recordings during the implementation of the Music Modernization Act and the continued transition to streaming. SoundExchange has a prior agreement with IFPI.

“Due to SoundExchange’s extensive experience and widely respected reputation for efficiency and transparency, RIAA considers the ISRC codes and associated sound recording data held by SoundExchange as authoritative for commercial use in the U.S. marketplace,” said David Hughes, Head of Technology and Standards at RIAA. “Moving forward, everyone should utilize this data. Industry wide use of these codes and associated data will contribute to the successful implementation of the MMA and to increased efficiency across the U.S. music industry more generally.”

ISRC is the internationally recognized identification tool for sound recordings and music videos implemented by IFPI. It serves as a fundamental component of data associated with recordings.

“Accurate and accessible data is vital to a healthy music industry, and serving as the authoritative source of ISRC data advances SoundExchange’s mission to ensure that music creators are paid accurately and efficiently,” said Michael Huppe, President & CEO, SoundExchange. “When we eliminate friction through better and more efficient technology solutions such as access to ISRC data, creators in the music community can focus on the music.”