HITS Daily Double


Some thoughts for a new week—which doesn’t necessarily feel like a new week but is nonetheless a new week.

Mediabase Musings (Classic)

  1. After a 28-week run requiring as much skill and perseverance as this writer has ever seen, Trevor Daniel’s Alamo/Interscope smash, “Falling,” has made its way to the #1 position on the all-important Mediabase Top 40 Chart. Kudos to Brenda Romano and the entire Interscope team for staying the course while The Weeknd and Doja Cat were dominating the top. Patience is the keyword here. Also, special mention goes to Alamo label head Todd Moscowitz, who has delivered a string of hot selling hip-hop product and now adds a cherry on top with this Pop masterpiece.

  2. Next up, Mike Chester’s focused and effective squad will attempt a run at the top to give Dua Lipa back-to-back charttoppers. There appears to be an opening this week, just before the mega-hit Harry Styles follow-up, “Watermelon Sugar,” stakes its claim; Peter Gray’s Columbia team is also looking for a repeat #1 with Harry.

  3. We are betting that once Harry grabs his second straight #1, it will be some time before he’s toppled. Harry has the enormous callout and streams necessary to withstand multiple strong challengers, and is likely to reach the top in his 11th week on the chart. This will give him lots of run before “burn” becomes any factor at all. Columbia will own August.

  4. We are keeping our eyes on DaBaby’s streaming giant, “Rockstar,” and Jawsh 685’s infectious pop smash, “Savage Love,” as long-term contenders.

  5. Hats off as well to Hitco’s Joel Klaiman, who has called upon his considerable promo expertise to steer “Roses” by SAINt JHN into a worldwide winner and cross it to the U.S. charts as the young company’s first Top 5 hit.

  6. I can’t finish without making special mention of Greg Marella and the Capitol promo squad, who continue to amaze. After blowing away the skeptics by taking the first Lewis Capaldi ballad to #1, they’ve once again done the near-impossible, taking a second downtempo charmer by the Scottish troubadour into the Top 10, where it’s currently enjoying its second week.

Musical Mutterings (Also Classic)

My personal tastes have always leaned toward singer-songwriters. I’m of the James Taylor/John Prine/Joni Mitchell generation and still favor great writers from all genres. And while I remain obsessed with Phoebe Bridgers’ brilliant “The Punisher,” this week I was completely galvanized by The Chicks’ performance of “March, March” on Colbert. For those who may still doubt the viral power of late-night TV performances, I can only say that I watched it online after a recommendation from a friend, and immediately plowed headfirst into their entire new Columbia album, Gaslighter. Now, I await a review from our own Queen of Music City, Ms. Holly Gleason, who did a magnificent job on our new Nashville special issue.

The Chicks have so much to say, and cloak it in infectious melodies and masterful playing; it’s a joy to behold. But I’ll wait and have Holly explain it with much clearer insight.