HITS Daily Double


First of all, if you are among the countless people who’ve told us they’re having “issues” with the new Mediabase interface, we’re here to help. Because we’re givers.

  1. When you land on the new Home Page, look for the three bars in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the bars and a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Slide down to the “Classic Mediabase” bar and it will take you to the Mediabase you know and love.
  4. Even though it says that the Classic version will only be up for one day, it can be renewed by the same method each day. That’s because Mediabase favorites Jeff Gelb and Alissa Pollack are sick of taking your complaint calls and have extended the Classic version’s life more or less indefinitely.
  5. If you’d like an explanation of how to use the new version of the site, please lose my phone number.

Now to the always-exciting analysis of how things are developing on the Mediabase Top 40 chart. As we previously discussed, the chart is tight and even the biggest hits are struggling to move from inside the Top 20 to Top 10 and, ideally, to #1.

Callout at radio has been stagnant since the outset of the pandemic, and it’s held up movement on all familiarity-driven charts.

Last week—its 29th on the chart—The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” held at #1 for the 11th week, in its third iteration at the top.

However, that run is about to end as Team Interscope, with Chris Lopes at the Top 40 helm, is about to take the top slot with Trevor Daniel’s “Falling,” which, after 28 weeks, has racked up some 800m streams at Spotify alone. “Falling” will then try to hold off three other potential #1 songs now charging toward the top.

  1. Dua Lipa’s smash “Break My Heart,” the Warner superdiva’s follow-up to the #1 blockbuster “Don’t Start Now”
  2. SAINt JHN’s worldwide mega-streamer, and Hitco’s first smash, “Roses”
  3. Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar,” which is even bigger than his prior monster, the #1 winner “Adore You,” as Columbia’s surging promo squad attempts to score back-to-back chart-toppers for the superstar Brit.

Chris, meanwhile, will continue to cultivate a terrifying, Unabomber-ish beard even as he maintains the bouncin’ and behavin’ hair we know so well.

The coming weeks and the duels between these monster hits and their committed promo squads will be interesting to follow. That is, once you can figure out how to login to Mediabase and navigate your way around.

But you’ve got this—you, too, are a classic.