HITS Daily Double


In our new semi-regular feature, we shine a light on tracks that are buzzing in all the right places and pinging the radar. Don't take our word for it—just check out the numbers.

Sam Fischer "This City" (RCA)

The latest song showing all the right metrics to break is Sam Fischer's "This City." The ballad has been touched by the TikTok gods, generating over 1.7m video creations and reaching over 1 billion views.

Fischer's song has especially resonated in his native Australia (#29) and the U.K. (#43), but since getting added to Today's Top Hits on Spotify (4/17) the track has risen up the Global chart. It's currently at a new peak of #114.

At Apple Music, "This City" has ascended to a new peak of #50 on the Global chart. It's featured on Apple's A-List Pop playlist.

While the universal soft-pop hit has yet to penetrate the upper reaches in the U.S., that should be changing soon. Fischer's "This City" is getting adds at Top 40 and is on its way to charting, as it enters the top 25 at Hot AC. It's also slowly climbing the Spotify U.S. chart, hitting a new peak of #150.

The talented Fischer also co-wrote the just-released Keith Urban song, "Polaroid." Listen to "This City" below, and see why so many are using this heartfelt song as a soundtrack .