HITS Daily Double


We have found one good thing that has come out of the lockdown in London. The white crosswalk outside Abbey Road Studios, where millions of visitors have imitated The Beatles crossing the street, is being repainted.

The Guardian reported that a maintenance crew quietly repainted the zebra crossing on Tuesday, the day after Boris Johnson ordered the country to stay indoors to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The crosswalk became famous soon after the 1969 release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road. The crossing was designated a site of national importance in 2010.

A spokesperson for Westminster City Council told The Guardian, “This is a very busy zebra crossing and we repainted the line markings to ensure visibility and increased safety for drivers and pedestrians. Our contractors follow government advice on limiting the spread of covid-19, including social distancing and hand washing.”

Afterwards, the crew swapped verses on “Octopus’s Garden” while maintaining a distance of six feet from each other.