HITS Daily Double


A new week, a New Normal.

We’re all so busy. We’re still living our lives. I’ve actually been trying to write this column all day, but the phone keeps ringing and the texts keep flowing and the emails keep emailing. There hasn’t been a break.

Everyone is in place, in action and doing their best. We’re hunkered down, me on day 12—I think—and others filling in as the days go by. Records are breaking and gatekeepers are hiding (but not more than usual).

I feel a little better today emotionally, as the basketball game I attended on 3/8 (as a guest of Universal) gets further in the distance. I sat with Bruce and Claudia Resnikoff and Jeff Harleston, and next to Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. I check in to make sure the former are well, and I follow the news to make sure the superstars are also. It was my last real gathering, and you’d think that if I was going to risk getting sick from it, at least the Clippers could have won. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect these days.

Today’s check-ins included a warm note from Raised in Space founder Zach Katz, who will help lead us into the future; Spotify’s Marian Dicus, who will be first among us to get on a plane when the lights go back on; genius TV producer Ken Ehrlich, who enjoys FaceTiming with his grandkids; DCP’s booker extraordinaire Mark Shimmel; from Gary “Spangmania” Spangler, good-crazed as always on Tuesdays; Kevin Weatherly, getting his contacts organized for his new life; Steve Bartels, Richard Palmese and Todd Glassman, whose spirits always raise mine; Craig Marks at the L.A. Times; Steve Greenberg of S-Curve; and many, many more. We’re all fighting the good fight and staying in touch.

The day is ending with a chat with Michele Anthony, who has a way of always making me feel whole, and a text from uber-manager Ron Laffitte with a new Ryan Tedder song. And now, I have to return some more contacts that came in while I wrote this much. Then it’s time for an office Zoom to see some familiar faces.

The contacts are all a bit longer. Everyone is getting work done and spending an extra minute to savor the connection. The Weeknd album is great, and I need some downtime to enjoy it.

Next time we'll talk about getting organized a little better.