HITS Daily Double


Counting the ways they can spend Halsey’s Pandora billions at Times Square tchotchke shops are, from left, Halsey's manager Jason Aron, Pandora's Jeff Zuchowski and Gurj Bassi, Halsey, Capitol Records’ Jennifer Ashworth, Pandora's Nicole Johnson and Capitol Records’ Greg Marella.

Prior to taking the stage at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn for a Pandora Live show, Halsey was honored as a Pandora Billionaire for generating more than 2.5b streams on the service.

Halsey’s 16-song set included songs from her upcoming album Manic (Capitol). The concert was broadcast live to the Times Square “megazilla” screen with an accompanying silent disco where more than 500 fans listened and watched the concert with special headphones.

Photo credit: DONSLENS