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Gospel Music Association President Jackie Patillo has apologized to Kirk Franklin and others disappointed by the editing of the televised version of the 50th annual Dove Awards.

Franklin’s comments about police brutality were excised from the 10/20 broadcast which led to him saying he would boycott the Doves and Trinity Broadcasting Network. In response, TBN has made the unedited version available on their VOD platform.

In an Instagram video post, Franklin said, "During my speech, I brought attention the murder of Atatiana Jefferson in her home by a white police officer. I asked everyone in the audience and those viewing to join me in prayer for not only Atatiana's family, including her 8-year-old nephew who witnessed the killing, but also for the family of the police officer. Last week, during the airing of the awards on the same network, again, that part of my speech was edited out."

The Gospel Music Association, which oversees the Dove Awards, apologized first in private with Franklin and then in a written mea culpa, saying the ceremony had to be significantly edited to fit their two-hour telecast.

“We would like to publicly acknowledge that we are deeply apologetic for the missteps that happened relating to the editing of Kirk Franklin’s Dove Awards acceptance speech,” Patillo wrote. “We accept the responsibility of our error. Although completely unintentional, we understand it caused great harm and deeply wounded many in the African American and Gospel community. As well, it left a general perception that we are not concerned with key social issues that affect people of color.

“It is not our intent to disregard or silence any of our artists, and we are deeply saddened by this perception and are committed to change this.”

Patillo said members of the GMA board and executives met with Franklin and his team to discuss solutions for future broadcasts.

Check out the speech in its entirety below.