HITS Daily Double


With her self-titled debut becoming the most-streamed album by a female artist in Spotify’s history, Dua Lipa has announced the follow-up. Her second-album campaign has kicked off with a hiatus from social media.

We're told that Lipa's second album, due out on Warner Records, won't arrive this year, but there will be some new music. She's been in the studio recording material that's said to be a lot of fun, and the album is tied together with a concept, which will be dictated by the title.

As revealed in a tweet from Dua back in April, there's going to be less electronics and more live instrumentation, and she's been in the studio with Nile Rodgers as well as Pharrell Williams. Watch this space for updates.

For the Spotify record, Dua Lipa, released in 2017, and its Complete Edition, which arrived a year later, have collectively racked up 6b total streams, according to our sources.