HITS Daily Double


Conor Matthews is the first pop artist signed to Altadena/Warner Records, the new music company founded by songwriter-producer busbee. Matthews’ “Too Late” was released today.

Matthews has a publishing deal with Warner Chappell—he started in Nashville but is now based in Los Angeles working on pop/R&B music.

Said busbee, “As much as I admire Conor’s natural abilities as a vocalist, a songwriter, and an entertainer, I can’t help but admire his work ethic, his intense desire to win, and the way he treats those around him even more.”

Matthews wrote “Too Late” on a midnight flight home. “I hadn’t seen this girl in forever and was hoping she was still around. When you haven’t spoken to an ex in a long time you start wondering how they feel and if they feel the same way about you, and if it’s too late to come through.”