HITS Daily Double


Word has it a coterie of Def Jam execs has made a pilgrimage to Wyoming for a come-to-Yeezus meeting with Kanye West. ’Ye is rumored to have new music coming, which was at one point slated for 9/27; it’s now thought that release will be pushed. This album was once teased as coming out a full year ago, when it was titled Yandhi; several changes of release date followed. Is the album (ostensibly titled Jesus Is King) on the way in the next few weeks, or is Team Def just paying a visit to Old Faithful? Could there be an additional stop planned at Area 51, where other long-running mysteries are said to be housed?

Kanye has whipped up press attention and fan interest with one of his “Sunday Service” tent revival/concerts in Cody, Wyoming. This religio-musical confab was held—most appropriately, according to historians of ballyhoo—on the grounds of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Rick Rubin’s presence amid the circus has added to the buzz; could he be translating the prayers into Hebrew?

West's seven-track album Ye (G.O.O.D./Def Jam), released in mid-2018, was also launched with a Wyoming gathering. It debuted at #1 with 210k+.