HITS Daily Double


The Spotify for Artists app is being refreshed this week to provide more real-time stats, easier access to resources and updates, and data on who’s listening to your music and where they’re located.

For the first time, the app can display how many listeners are playing your tracks across the world at any given moment. The app also makes it easier to track milestones such as placement on a playlist or the addition of new followers.

The latest Spotify for Artists app continues to help artists track a new release with real-time listening stats for the first week it’s live.

The company writes on its blog, “we’re making it as easy as possible to get to know who’s listening to your music — who they are, where they’re coming from, and similar artists they’re jamming out to. You’ll also be able to see your latest stats for all your songs and playlists in a clear and visual way.”

The redesigned app features a new “home” tab that also will provide recommendations for articles and videos and advice from established musicians. For anyone managing a roster of artists, it will be easier to switch between artists from any page in the app.