HITS Daily Double


As indie innovator Justin Vernon prepares for the physical release of the sonically experimental fourth Bon Iver album, i,i—digitally released on 8/9 and streeting 8/30—a collaborative project with Spotify has been announced.

Bon Iver and Spotify worked together to create an immersive online experience through what they’re calling the “Viisualiizer.” “i,i is infinitely growing, thanks to everyone who listens to it,” the website explains. “This is a visualization of how the world is streaming the album, with every “i” representing the ever-expanding Bon Iver collective.”

Check it out here.

It’s extra fun if you take a tab of acid about 30-45 minutes before clicking the link. Not that we would know anything about that.

"It’s important to look outside yourself for the answers you seek,” Vernon shared with Spotify. “Even though distilling my mind and heading to the cabin 12 years ago was vital, SHARING is the thing now. Sharing and building things without holding on to the concept of authorship is the way. Our music is not ‘my’ music. In fact it never is, for anyone, and that is what i,i represents and how we worked to craft the 'Viisualiizer' experience with Spotify."