HITS Daily Double


Will Taylor’s week continue to grow? Will the post-VMA sales send her over 900k? Stay tuned. And, oh yeah, there are 19 other records in the Top 20. Combined, they'll generate less than 60% of Taylor’s total.

  1. *Taylor Swift (Republic) 850-900k, 700-750k
  2. Young Thug (Atlantic) 67-72k, 1-2k
  3. *Brockhampton (RCA) 60-65k, 40-45k
  4. Lizzo (Nice Life/Atlantic) 43-48k, 8-10k
  5. Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Interscope) 40-45k, 7-9k
  6. *Jeezy (Def Jam) 35-40k, 10-12k
  7. Ed Sheeran (Atlantic) 33-38k, 3-5k
  8. Chris Brown (RCA) 28-32k, 1-3k
  9. Quality Control: Control The Streets, Vol. 2 (QC/Motown/Capitol) 28-32k, <1k
  10. Shawn Mendes (Island) 25-28k, 1-2k
  11. Khalid (Right Hand Music/RCA) 24-27k, 1-2k
  12. Lil Nas X (Columbia) 24-27k, <1k
  13. Post Malone (Republic) 21-24k, 1-2k
  14. Dreamville & J. Cole (Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope) 19-22k, <1k
  15. *Midland (Big Machine/BMLG) 19-22k, 14-17k
  16. Rick Ross (Epic) 19-22k, 1-2k
  17. Slipknot (Roadrunner) 18-21k, 12-14k
  18. NF (NF Real Music/Caroline) 18-21k, 2-4k
  19. QueenGreatest Hits (Hollywood) 18-21k, 3-5k
  20. DaBaby (Interscope) 18-21k, <1k


In other news, the Grammy deadline is mere days away. If we're gonna win Album of the Year, we'd better start writing some songs.