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SoundExchange is creating a one-stop shopping source for podcasts with SourceAudio that will launch next year.

Podcastmusic.com will be a digital music marketplace for podcasters that will offer licensing for label and publisher-owned music. This collaboration will enhance Podcastmusic.com's current database of 700,000 production and music bed tracks by providing a global license for all rights needed to use feature music in a podcast, including master use, performance, synchronization, and mechanical rights.

"Currently there is no simple way for a podcaster to acquire rights for feature music in their podcasts. We are solving that by working with SoundExchange," said Geoffrey Grotz, CEO/Co-Founder of SourceAudio.

"By connecting with SoundExchange's community of music creators including labels, artists, publishers and songwriters, and benefiting from their deep expertise, we will be able to deliver a high-quality repertoire of music for podcasters."

Participation in this service by publishers, labels, and other rights owners is on a voluntary basis.