HITS Daily Double


Sony Music is speeding up the way it reports and pays out royalty earnings, installing a system that shows royalties in real time and allows for monthly pay outs.

Beginning in the fall, the Sony Music Artist Portal will provide immediate updates for users regarding global royalty earnings and account balances once the company receives monthly financial reporting from digital distribution services. In addition, artists will be able to receive checks monthly via the portal’s Cash Out service that gives users more control over when balances are paid.

Sony Music alerted royalty participants of the new offerings this morning in an email. The program will roll out globally over the next year.

Real Time Royalties, the company wrote “eliminates the need to wait for periodic reporting cycles to see your royalty earnings and account balances. You’ll also be able to use the Sony Music Artist Portal’s industry‐leading analytics capabilities to interpret your Real Time Royalties data in robust and powerful ways, giving you faster insights into your earnings trends so you can make highly‐informed decisions.”