HITS Daily Double


The Warner Music Group’s spiffy new downtown digs are open for business in the L.A. Arts District. Let’s take a peek inside.

The move brings the L.A.-based teams of Warner/Chappell, Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, WEA and ADA under one roof for the first time.

The space— built in 1912 as the Ford Model T factory and showroom—includes recording studios, artist lounges, and custom-designed offices and features custom murals designed by local artists. The first floor is a central gathering hub with flexible co-working areas and a live performance space.

The performance space is built to accommodate that endangered species known as a rock band.

One of several studios.

The reception area includes album covers from the various WMG labels. Trivia experts will undoubtedly cool their heels reciting the original and current labels of each while lamenting the lack of iconic album art in the digital age.

This is referred to as “Center Stage 2.”

This is the lobby area prior to the arrival of security guards with explicit instructions to keep HITS employees from going any further into the building.

Photo Credit: Christopher Payne-Resto