HITS Daily Double


LOOKING UP: How big will Lauren Daigle get? The much-discussed signing by Doug Morris12Tone has already done about 550k (with 365k sales and 183m streams) for her latest set, Look Up Child; single “You Say” is Top 10 at Hot AC radio and impacting Pop now. 12Tone’s Steve Bartels and freshly anointed Warner Bros. promo chief Mike Chester are already achieving a rare synergy, having worked together successfully in the past at Def Jam. More than a few observers believe Daigle could be bound for commercial greatness. She’s certainly off to a strong start. Her 2015 album, How Can It Be, is closing in on 1.3m RTD.

TROY’S NEW TOYS: Troy Carter’s long-rumored new venture is taking shape, with its “vertical” model of recording, distribution, publishing, management and branding, in tandem with Human Re Sources, the company founded by his old Atom Factory partner J Erving (which has enjoyed success with YBN Nashmir, Pink Sweat$, Brent Faiyaz and more, and celebrated hitting the half-billion total streams benchmark last summer). The first arrow from Troy’s new quiver is 20-year-old Nashville singer/songwriter Peter Manos, whose dark electro-R&B track “In My Head” has racked up 44m+ Spotify streams worldwide. The song is heavily populated on top Spotify playlists. How much noise can the two old partners make with their new model? And how many Spotify playlisters does Troy have on speed dial?