HITS Daily Double
Music City

AWAL has announced a partnership with The Other Nashville Society (TONS), a community of non-country music industry professionals and artists. The partnership's goal is to offer events and initiatives throughout the year to educate and connect creators in Nashville, as well as grow the TONS community. 

Nashville's significance to country music is well-known, but as the city has grown in recent years, more artists, managers and companies from the wider music business have set up shop in Music City as well. TONS' carefully curated and hand-selected membership caters to this group and includes many of the city's most successful and influential creators and industry professionals. 

An event at Analog in Nashville will kick off the partnership where TONS members will hear directly from AWAL CEO Lonny Olinick and AWAL President, North America Ron Cerrito. Learn more about TONS and future events at the TONS website