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Takes You to Church

Snoop Dogg may have established himself with the down-and-dirty G-Funk of the ’90s, but there’s no question that over the years he’s grown beyond the subgenre, stretching musically and establishing himself as a beloved pop-cultural figure. Even so, he surprised many by venturing into gospel—though 
he clearly views the move as a return to his roots. Just remember, God created weed.

Can you explain how the Bible of Love’s foundation is less about “Spiritual Snoop” and more about True Music Head Snoop being totally committed to channeling the musical exuberance of gospel? Most folks may not know you understand this genre of music profoundly and feature it weekly on your own radio station, Cadillacc Music.
This album is about both. My love and appreciation of gospel music goes back to my childhood. I knew that when I wanted to put this album together, I had to bring the very best in Gospel and music to join me on this journey to make sure I was doing it right. I learned a lot from the greats while making this album.

What was the most inspiring part of the recording process for you personally?
The pure spirit that filled the rooms when we put this together. It was truly a beautiful process to be surrounded by the legends, showing me how it truly is done. When we put this album together, it was such a project of love for all the people involved.

A key difference here is you let the talent you assembled and curated really do the heavy lifting—i.e., you are not front and center on very song. Was that a deliberate approach on your part?
I was a student during this process. What better way to learn than to surround yourself with the greats, like The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, Mary Mary, Rance Allen, Fred Hammond, Patti LaBelle, Faith Evans, Charlie Wilson, B. Slade, Lonny Bereal and more?

Who would you say influenced this record the absolute most, and what did he/she do?
My grandmother. Ever since I was young, she filled the house with gospel music and showed me the foundation to gospel, spirituality and faith.

What’s your message for people who are feeling some kinda way that you are blending the sacred and the secular? Bible of Love has certainly challenged deep-church Christians to check their judgments.
Like I’ve said before, I thought the church was supposed to welcome all sinners. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Did the critical acclaim for Bible of Love surprise you?
No, it didn’t, honestly. I know that it’s a new genre for me, but you can’t deny great music from start to finish—whether or not it’s not what people are used to hearing from me.

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