HITS Daily Double


Crazy Rich Asians is a pop-cultural phenomenon, and Kina Grannis' soulful performance of "Can't Help Falling in Love" from the film and soundtrack (Water Tower Music/Warner Bros. Entertainment) is earning serious streams as well as sales. In the last week the song surged to 600k streams on Spotify; it's earned more than 1m streams to date, and earned a spot on a huge number of playlists, including Acoustic Favorites (1.2m followers), where it sits in the top spot.

The film, as you know if you haven't been dwelling under a rock, has been the #1 box-office smash for three weeks running and Grannis' emotional cut (which occurs at a pivotal moment in the flick; no spoilers) is the breakout song. How big will it get as the film's influence continues to spread? Hard to say, but we're thinking Crazy big.