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What’s next for outgoing Spotify exec Troy Carter? His stock was vested when the firm went public, as was the case with most of the company’s top players—so he’s, you know, comfortable—and he’s officially leaving Ek Land next week, though he’ll continue to consult during this transitional phase.

Ever since word of Carter’s impending exit hit the grapevine, industry chatter about his next move has been deafening—and rumor-mongering about a major-label gig has been constant. But that’s definitely not part of his plan. Instead, look for him to return to his entrepreneurial roots in his next venture; rumor has it he’s forming a new media company with a vertical model for monetizing music assets via distribution, management, publishing, recording and branding that’s built for the next evolution of the marketplace.

Can he raise the hundreds of millions required to make this a reality? Many believe his resume of success on both the tech and music sides give Carter a good chance of getting such a deal done.

In addition to his effective work on behalf of the Spot, he’s proven a savvy tech investor (as both angel and bettor) and consultant via his AF Square concern. He has a stellar CV on the creator side, having worked with Lady Gaga, Charlie Puth, Miguel, Meghan Trainor and the Prince Estate, among many others, and as a manager and Atom Factory boss was an early, canny exploiter of social media and a wizard in branding. He got another big boost in the artist community with his public stand regarding the issue of hate-mongering content on Spotify. With one of the most comprehensive Rolodexes in the biz, he would appear to be in the sweet spot to claim a prominent place in the streaming ecosystem.