HITS Daily Double


Human-Re-Sources, the independent, hybrid distribution company founded by J. Erving, has hit the 500m streams mark in 10 months, so you’ll pardon them if they feel a little bit like celebrating.

You could certainly call Erving a baller—he was a partner at Atom Factory with Troy Carter and worked with Gee Roberson’s team at Maverick before launching his company, with its model of short-term deals and equitable splits for its largely hip-hop-oriented roster. Then again, he’s the scion and namesake of one of the all-time great ballers, the magnificent Dr. J.

But J. has been in this game for a while now, and his success with acts like YBN Nahmir (whose “Rubbin’ Off the Paint,” is now at about 117m Spotify streams), Brent Fayaiz (who’s made noise with full-length Sonder Son) and teen pop artist Charlotte Lawrence (60m Spotify streams and a handful of high-profile syncs). Thus they’ve begun to be mentioned in the same breath with breakout indies like Empire, though Erving believes his company’s personal, boutique approach is a unique value proposition.

Erving says his management background has enabled him and his small but nimble team to take a multidimensional approach to breaking Human-Re-Sources’ acts, which, combined with the structure of its deals, tends to inspire loyalty. What else have they got on their bench? Stay tuned.