HITS Daily Double


The catalogs of Bob Marley and Leonard Cohen have joined Sony/ATV’s Neighboring Rights division, joining a roster that includes The Weeknd, Mark Ronson and the estate of Lou Reed.

If Neighboring Rights is a new term to you, it’s the publisher’s ability to monetize sound recordings whenever there is a commercial exploitation through radio or TV airplay.

Other new signings to the Neighboring Rights roster is songwriter/producer Jamie Scott, rappers Big Shaq and Kojo Funds, and producer Bob Ezrin.

Sony/ATV UK Managing Director and President, Worldwide Creative Guy Moot said that the company has expanded the infrastructure and personnel of the division.

“It’s fantastic to see revenues growing year on year in this sector, but it’s also always a shock to take on clients such as Bob Marley and see just how many recordings they are still to this day not being accounted on,” said George Powell, who heads the division. “We’re providing an incomparably detailed collection service for some of the biggest names in music, and we’re extremely proud of that.”