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Dispatch's just-released song, "Dear Congress, (17)" (Bomber Records) deserves your close attention. The lyrics, centered on school shootings, are powerful, and there's a strong chance of the song eliciting goosebumps and tears.

"In the wake of the Parkland shooting, and the Students Stand Up and Never Again movements, we've released 'Dear Congress, (17),'" the band shared in a statement. "The song was born on our last tour, and it was written to raise awareness of these tragedies and urge reform. Text DISPATCH to 877-877 to demand lasting change from Congress."

"Written from the perspective of someone who just buried their loved one, "Dear Congress, (17)" is the personal side of observing Washington throw empty condolences to grieving families while accepting NRA campaign money."

"How is it possible our "elected" protect the gun lobby more than the human lives they represent? How many more people have to die? How many more kids’ lives have to be erased before we pay attention and make simple common sense changes to how we buy and use guns in our country?"

All proceeds will go to the Brady Campaign, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing gun violence in America. That said, if you'd like to buy "Dear Congress, (17)," you can do so here.