HITS Daily Double


There’s action atop our latest weekly Song Revenue Chart, as Ed Sheeran snags the top spot despite some slippage, and Camila Cabello moves up a notch to #2, jumping former longtime chart-topper Post Malone, while G-Eazy and friends crash the Top 5 party.

In the “rich get richer” department, Camila, Post and G-Eazy all have two tracks in the Top 10, as does Cardi B if we credit her feature on G-Eazy’s “No Limit.”

The second-highest-earning debut behind Camila’s “Never Be the Same” is from the odd couple of Carrie Underwood and noted thespian/MC Ludacris.

Marketshare scoreboard: UMG 40%, WMG 35%, SME 23%, Indies 2%

You’ll find all the tracks and their weekly earnings here.