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You've probably heard a fair amount of chatter about Bitcoin, the virtual (or "crypto") currency, as well as the so-called blockchain (the supporting tech that allows for storage.

More than a few music artist have pointed to Bitcoin and the blockchain as a means to a new music technology, one that enables greater flexibility in transactions and more direct interaction between artist and fan. British artist Imogen Heap is among those who believe these new technologies will be the basis for a new music economy that's unimpeded by financial institutions or the pricing strictures of the traditional "store" platform. More about that here.

But the value and viability of Bitcoin is subject to vigorous debate in media, financial and other circles; the site Sports Betting Dime recently gathered an array of players to debate the topic. Among the bulls: Bill Gates, who deems it "better than currency." Mark Cuban calls the blockchain "a great platform for future applications." And representing for the music world, Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. "Wu-Tang is for the children," he says, "and the children will use the blockchain."

But the doubters are many, and just as adamant. Among the bears: Jamie Dimon calls Bitcoin a "fraud," while Warren Buffett declares it's "not a value-producing asset" and derides it as a "real bubble."

You'll find plenty more debate in the Sports Betting Dime piece and across the Web as figures in every industry grapple with this evolving tech.