HITS Daily Double


The term “free” has been employed as the hook of a pair of Apple Music-centric stories posted Friday. And who doesn't love free?

The Apple Watch Series 3, a go-to device for workout buffs thanks to its built-in cellular and GPS technology, is adding iPhone-free Apple Music streaming in its latest update, Men’s Health reports.

And U.K. carrier Three will be adding free data on Apple Music to its zero-rated Go Binge premium plan on 11/27 (27/11, as the Brits render it), Endgadget notes. The move is being made in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone X. But that’s not all, blokes.

Also next month, Vodaphone in the U.K. will launch Music Pass—one of five new data “Passes,” as the carrier has dubbed the plans—which bundles Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and Napster for £5 a month. You still have to pay for the subscription of your choice of course. But free data is huge for heavy users.