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The Top 5 Highest-Grossing Films in America Over the Weekend

Warner Bros.' Christopher Nolan-directed Dunkirk holds at #1 with $28m—marking only a 44% drop—in its second week out, while Sony's animated Emoji Movie scores the highest debut at #2 with $26m.

Universal comedy Girls Trip also had a notably impressive second week, with an A+ CinemaScore at #3. Focus' Atomic Blonde came in fourth but its Back Lot soundtrack shot to #1 at iTunes.

1. Dunkirk (Warner Bros.) $28m 3,748/$7,505 avg. (week 2)
2. The Emoji Movie (Sony) $26m 4,075/$6,294 avg. (debut)
3. Girls Trip (Universal) $20m 2,648/$7,585 avg. (week 2)
4. Atomic Blonde (Focus) $19m 3,304/$5,616 avg. (debut)
5. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Sony) $13m 3,625/$3,710 (week 4)