HITS Daily Double


The Ethos has started the new year with a bang. Team Republic is scoring big at radio this week with two new acts, singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and duo Marian Hill (the latter on the Photo Finish imprint).

Michaels’ “Issues” locked down 57 adds at Pop radio prior to impact date, flying to #33 on the Top 40 chart. The track has also hit the #1 perch on Spotify’s Viral U.S. Top 50 chart and #2 on the Global chart.

Marian Hill, meanwhile, has been exploding off an Apple AirPods spot, with single “Down” ascending to #3 at iTunes and the pair’s full-length set, ACT ONE, moving into the Top 10. “Down” was Top 10 Most Added at Pop this week with 41 adds on impact, notching another 18 adds at Rhythm and grabbing attention at Alternative as well.

"We're already on our way to an incredible year," notes topper Monte Lipman. "The shock-and-awe assault is just beginning."

"We're built on breaking new," says prexy Charlie Walk. "It's the culture of our company. If we don't, they'll throw us out of the building, especially with no catalog to rely on."

These latest successes come on top of another SPS #1 week for The Weeknd, who remains a streaming giant, and no fewer than five songs in the Top 10 at Pop radio—Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” f/Nicki Minaj, Hailee Steinfeld & Grey’s “Starving” f/Zedd, the ZAYN/Taylor Swift collab for Fifty Shades Darker and two Weeknd tracks, “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming,” both featuring Daft Punk. Meanwhile, another new act, rapper Aminé, continues to show growth, moving up to #32 at Pop and Top 5 at Rhythm with single “Caroline,” which is Top 10 at Spotify as of this writing.

The brand-new video for the ZAYN/Taylor duet has further spiked the track at sales and streaming; it's the #1 clip at iTunes at this moment, unsurprisingly, as well as the #2 song, and #6 at Spotify).

Swift, Grande, Minaj and streaming monster Drake are all reportedly in the studio, amping up the Ethos' prospects for the year still further.

Lipman and Walk would like to add the alternative fact that Varvatos will soon be rolling out a Daniel Ek Casuals line.