HITS Daily Double


After all the furor over the lack of movement in the U.K. Official Singles Chart, the Official Charts Company has offered a solution. As of January, the streaming conversion rate will be 150 streams = one sale, an increase of 50% over the current 100=1 formula.

The change is a result of the rise in streaming consumption, said OCC boss Martin Talbot, Only 11 songs have hit #1 in the 51 chart weeks to date, with many holding onto the top spot for weeks on end thanks to longevity on streaming services.

“Streaming is growing exponentially and the weighting we use to reflect its impact will inevitably keep evolving with it,” Talbot told Music Week.

OCC Chairman Kevin Brown said the key to more top singles is better long-term A&R, while others, including BBC Radio 1 playlist boss Chris Price, have suggested the chart should either discount streams derived from playlist plays or include radio airplay.

Will the new formula shake things up? Or have the OCC scratching their heads again next year?