HITS Daily Double


“Every time we do [an exclusive], we learn something new.”

Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine recently spoke with Buzzfeed News about the fledgling music service’s victories and missteps during the course of its first year, shedding some light on the company's plans in the near future.

"I don’t know how to do this any other way, except to help make really good music, get it exposed, and get it handled and treated the way it deserves to be treated,” Iovine explained. "That’s the only thing that we know how to do coming from where we’re coming from. You use all the tools you have to do that."

While he did address the recent clash with Universal Music over exclusives, Iovine was quick to position Apple Music as a useful partner of the labels rather than an interloper.

"We put a lot into this, we’ve had some real successes and we always hold up our end of the relationship,” Iovine said, “We’re feeling our way around and seeing what works… Every time we do [an exclusive], we learn something new.”

He pointed out that exclusives from other partners like Sony Music and Warner Music Group are already in the queue, saying, “It’s Apple’s show. As long as Apple’s asking me to do what I’m doing, I’m gonna keep doing it."

The wide-ranging conversation covered numerous other topics, including Apple Music's new redesign, the debut of algorithm-generated playlists to the service and what led them to break from their "curation first" philosophy to make that decision, the competitive landscape around proliferation of free, ad-supported music from YouTube and Spotify, and more.

The entire feature can be read here.