HITS Daily Double


Holy helicopters, Chopper Charlie! Republic Records has teamed with apparel giant Guess to launch Guess Music. The first project, launching on 8/28 on the Guess site, will be the premiere of Ariana Grande's "Side to Side" featuring Nicki Minaj. The pair are slated to perform the song on the VMAs as well, and the Guess-sponsored Republic VMAs afterparty will feature Guess models recreating the opening scene of the vid, surely an apex of corporate synergy.

The video finds Grande sporting the new Guess athletic line; consumers will be able to shop for "Ariana's look" on a dedicated page. Disclaimer: You will probably not look as good as Ariana in these clothes.

“I came to [Chief Creative Officer for Guess] Paul [Marciano] and was inspired by his love and understanding of how music and fashion drive each other,” proclaimed Republic Label Group prez Charlie Walk. “So, we created GUESS Music, an open door music and fashion platform that gives the ability to collaborate with the biggest artists in the world, while additionally helping to launch the next generation of superstars. We wanted to create the opportunity to discover new music together globally.”

"Discovering new talent has always been a passion of mine. I have been blessed and lucky to discover so many new faces within the modeling world. I am thrilled to experience this new venture with my friend Charlie Walk," added Marciano. "Co-creating this new type of artist discovery platform with Republic Records, the music industry’s #1 record label group for multi-platinum, award-winning legends, is such an honor. I am confident that this unique partnership of music and fashion will bring attention to up-and-coming musicians and launch careers in the same way that our iconic advertising campaigns have done in the past."

Look for other acts to get a big look via this fashion-forward JV, and for Chopper Charlie to arrive in his whirlybird to restock the jeans.