HITS Daily Double
Drake, Bey get physical; will Radiohead breach the top of the chart?


Drake will remain #1 on our SPS chart while it appears we may have a three-way race for #1 in sales, as Radiohead, which dropped Sunday, makes an impressive stand (especially since it has two fewer days on the chart). Meanwhile, Drake and Beyoncé add physical product to the mix.

Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 140-160k album, 275-300k SPS
Beyoncé (Columbia) 135-155k, 200-225k SPS
Radiohead (XL) 135-155k, 140-170k
Keith Urban (Capitol Nashville) 85-90k, 90-95k
Cole Swindell (Warner Bros. Nashville) 65-70k, 75-80k
Andy Black (Republic) 17-20k, 18-22k
Goo Goo Dolls (Warner Bros.) 13-15k, 14-17k
Mike Posner (Island) 10-12k, 24-27k
Ritz (Strange Music) 10-12k, 11-14k
James Blake (Republic) 10-12k, 11-14k
Cyndi Lauper (Rhino) 8-10k, 9-12k

You may recall that Radiohead put a prior record online and let consumers pay whatever they wanted for it (five cents, for example). That was a fun experiment, but we think they’ll like the flat $10.99 thing a little better.