HITS Daily Double


Roger Daltrey has recorded Pete Townshend’s solo hit “Let My Love Open The Door” to raise funds for nonprofit Teen Cancer America. The track is available exclusively on iTunes; Republic Records, Apple and Daltrey will donate their respective proceeds to the nonprofit.

First Citizens Bank began sponsoring Teen Cancer America in November and asked Daltrey to record the song to serve as the centerpiece of its initiative. Teen Cancer America works to increase targeted care and specialized treatment facilities for teens and young adults with cancer.

“An important part of First Citizens’ commitment to Teen Cancer America is raising awareness of the organization and its mission,” said Frank Holding, chairman and CEO of First Citizens Bank. “That theme—open the door—became the focus of our sponsorship with Teen Cancer America and a way of explaining what the effort is about. It also serves as a rallying cry to inspire involvement by First Citizens’ associates, customers and communities. We’re thrilled that this version of the song is now available for this great cause.”

Daltrey’s version of “Let My Love Open The Door” is featured in television and radio commercials encouraging support of Teen Cancer America. The commercials, produced by First Citizens, began airing during the holidays in the bank’s North Carolina and South Carolina markets. Interest in the song led to the parties making the track available for download.

Daltrey and Townshend helped Teen Cancer America, after more than a decade of working with the Teenage Cancer Trust in the United Kingdom. To date, Teen Cancer America has partnered with more than 10 major cancer centers across the United States to build specialized, teen- and young adult-friendly inpatient and outpatient cancer care facilities and programs.

“The mission isn’t just to fight teen cancer, but to create facilities where teens and young adults can feel like they belong — to create spaces different from the spaces children and adults have,” said Daltrey.