HITS Daily Double


Who's going to headline Glastonbury? You're free to speculate, of course, but why don't we put a little money down to make it interesting? For example, what odds would you give Adele, or Coldplay? What about Foo Fighters, Muse or Elton John?

If you're feeling uncertain; don't worry—we've got a guy. Nothing's guaranteed, of course, but Sports Betting Dime have Coldplay as the current favorite to headline the festival. It's a fun read (purely for entertainment value).

Just to give you a little taste, Adele is handicapped at 5-1, with her monster sales, her past pronouncements and her tour plans all under consideration. The Foos apparently have similar odds, with the state of Dave Grohl's legs naturally a factor.

If you're planning to attend the Glastonbury Festival, we're prepared to wager a substantial sum that you'll be stoned as a newt.