HITS Daily Double


Adele’s hour-long BBC TV special provided plenty of hilarity and touching moments on the day of 25’s release last week, with the XL/Columbia superstar dishing plenty of insider info about her illustrious career.

Interviewed by host Graham Norton, as well as singing back catalog from her debut album 19, follow-up 21, and the now-record-breaking 25, we’ve detailed the best bits for you here.

The moment when Adele realized her career was taking off big time after the release of 21 in 2011 was at the Mercury Music Prize ceremony, where the record was shortlisted. “People started to scramble to come towards me,” Adele told Norton. “That was a turning point where I felt like the album was getting bigger than I was.”

In the U.S., an unlikely stroke of luck came in the form of Sarah Palin during a performance on SNL in 2008 (where she visited again on 11/21, scoring the second-best ratings of the season). Said Adele: “The week I was doing it was meant to be a normal week, the week after Sarah Palin came. But she ended up doing it the same week as me so it became the most-watched SNL ever.

“It was two weeks before the Grammy ballot, so all the stars aligned for me. [19] shot to #1 on iTunes, I was nominated for a Grammy, and it was all thanks to Sarah Palin!”

There were some lighthearted moments, including a hilarious impersonator skit and Adele photobombing her fans taking pictures with her Oscar. She also set the record straight about “Rumour Has It,” revealed that she’s not allowed direct access to her Twitter account due to history as a drunk tweeter, and explained how the birth of her son profoundly affected her state of mind.

“He’s changed my life in every single way possible,” she said. “Something much bigger than myself happened, and I think I’d been craving that without realizing. I was always yearning for something and never knew what it was; then I got pregnant. He makes me realize everything about myself that I like and I don’t like. That’s why [25] is about how I make myself feel, as oppose to how someone else makes me feel.”

Asked if she’d decided to tour yet, Adele said some shows in Blighty are definitely on the cards, but she’s undecided about the rest of the world. “I’d love to, but it’s a big deal; I want to make sure if I do it, I can do it. I don’t want to let anyone down.”

Judging by her powerful renditions of new tracks including “Million Years Ago” —a haunting ballad written about lost youth—comeback single “Hello,” “Hometown Glory,” the first song she ever wrote, and the track that made her huge, “Someone Like You,” she’s got nothing to worry about.